Homemade sunscreen

I was pleasantly surprised by the interest in my recent post about homemade sunscreen ~ I’m glad that there is growing awareness of the chemical toxins and pollutants that are in everyday personal and household products, and I, for one, am keen to keep as many of these out of my family as I can! (See my previous posts on dishwasher cleaner and rinse aid.)

From what I have read around commercial suncream, I understand there are many ingredients that could be doing more harm than protection to the skin, and since they are absorbed into the body as well, they could be causing further internal damage. There are suggestions that some of these chemicals are ‘endocrine disrupters’ ~ compounds that enter the body and mimic our natural hormones, ultimately leading to hormonal imbalances and chronic disease. Just some of the ‘nasties’ in suncream that I’ve become aware of are OXYBENZONE,
OCTINOXATE and OCTOCRYLEN. Anyway, reading, researching and listening to the information out there was enough to get me making my own sunscreen.

Of course, if you are reading this, it’s important for you to do your own research and make up your own mind about making and using homemade sunscreen. This is my own decision to use this on myself and family because I feel happier with it than the alternatives, and of course practicing safe sun exposure is paramount for us. I’m also aware of how important the sun is for vitamin D production. Sun = life!


140g almond oil
60g coconut oil
25g shea butter
20g beeswax pellets
1tsp vitamin e oil
20 drops frankincense essential oil (or other non-photosensitising essential oils)
40g non-nano zinc oxide
2tsps cacao powder (optional)
This made a jar of approximately 300g of cream. This covered my family of 4 for a week in the sun, with regular reapplication!


Melt the oils in a bain-marie with the beeswax pellets until clear. (I believe you could leave out the beeswax if you are vegan.) Add in the zinc oxide and cacao powder. Stir in thoroughly till it is all evenly mixed. Pour into a appropriately sized jar to set, stirring it to ensure the zinc oxide is evenly distributed. Voilà!

A few points to consider

•It’s crucial to buy non-nano zinc oxide and pharmaceutical grade, as this will not be absorbed into the body.
•From what I have read, around 20% content of zinc oxide gives the approx equivalent of SPF20.
•Like all suncreams, when I’ve used this homemade one, I’ve reapplied it regularly.
•Zinc oxide is very white and using the cacao powder helps one not look too white when it’s applied! Be aware that the cream will get onto clothes and furniture!
•I found all my ingredients online – there are plenty of options on where to source. I took time to find organic options for a good price, which meant this was more economical than buying commercial suncream.