Expanding happiness

Daily mindfulness practice:

Try out Headspace or Quility to guide you. Scientific reviews have consistently shown mindfulness to be as effective as antidepressants.


Writing down events or feelings each day in a journal can expand your IQ, help you achieve your goals, improve self confidence and create personal growth, which in turn can allow you to feel happier. Even just a few sentences each day…Try it.


It’s so simple – move your body & get your heart pumping harder. Science knows it. You can increase your life expectancy and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by taking regular exercise. Run, walk, skip, dance, swim, it doesn’t matter. Just move.

Acts of Kindness:

An act of kindness everyday (however small) can make both you and the recipient feel great. And that little boost can lead to your feeling of happiness. Give flowers, help someone, donate to charity, send positive feedback – anything KIND goes.

Express your gratitude:

Every day, write down three things that you are grateful for. Each day write down something different. Recognising that there are many things you are thankful for in your life is a powerful tool for creating your happiness.

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