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A Rosier life

Back at the start of 2016, I spent a month detoxing.

By detox, I don’t mean some crazy diet where you only drink carrot juice or eat cabbage soup.

I just gave my body a proper break.

Along with nutritional supplements and essential oils, I gave my body a rest from all the usual culprits, drank more water than I ever usually did and made the effort to cook real food from scratch for every meal.

The impact it had on my body was pretty powerful – from clearer skin to better sleep, I felt brighter and lighter. All sluggishness disappeared and I had much more energy.

What surprised me even more was how mentally alert and alive I felt. Without sounding corny, I felt like I had put on a new pair of eyes.

Interestingly, I found the changes I’d made fitting into my life in a way that didn’t feel like a chore or hassle. It just felt easy.

After the month was up, I started to drink wine and eat certain things again but I didn’t feel the urge to return to my old ways. I felt so great on every level and it suddenly hit me one morning when I was making my kids’ porridge that this was what I wanted to do for a living.

So I quit my job, became a student again and signed up for additional training courses to pursue my new found passion in real food, health and general wellness.

I’m currently studying for my Nutritional Science degree as well as training to become a Dietary Educator, Nutritional Therapist and Essential Oils Educator.

I decided to set up Rosier in part to log my journey but also to share my experiences and things I’m learning along the way.

I want it to be a space where you can learn how to make simple, everyday changes to your lifestyle for your long term health and to just feel better all round .

I’m a big advocate of the whole Just Eat Real Food movement (or #JERF as it gets shortened to) and I believe in being outside lots, spending time in nature and moving our bodies in whatever way feels best.

I hope you’ll find the things I’m writing about interesting and useful and I’d love to hear any thoughts or things you discover along the way.

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Kat x